Personal safety – how to avoid becoming a statistic

Many Australians travel overseas to relax. They let down their guard and fall victim to opportunistic crime. Personal safety and security  is important.  Below are some tips to consider to improve your safety.

  • Plan ahead in the case of emergencies. Do you know the local emergency number? Do you know the address where you are staying?
  • Ensure you have travel insurance and details of Australian Embassies if you need help.
  • Consider whether you need to translate important documents into local languages
  • Make copies of documents- paper and electronic
  • Try to not travel alone especially if you are female. If you are travelling alone consider carrying a whistle or personal safety device
  • Respect Local Customs/Culture in countries you are visiting
  • Stay in touch with family/friends whilst away
  • Don’t look like a tourist. Try to blend in as much as possible.
  • Find out from the locals which parts of town are unsafe areas
  • Put money and valuables in an undergarment travel belt.
  • Avoid texting or having headphones in your ears whilst walking around. Be aware of what is happening around you to avoid petty crime. If mugged don’t resist, give them the bag/belonging to avoid personal injury
  • Keep your belonging with you. If not secure them.
  • Avoid areas of political unrest, demonstrations. Things can turn violent quickly.
  • Avoid accepting food/drink from strangers – be aware of drink spiking/drugging
  • Avoid alcohol intoxication/drugs
  • Do not open hotel room door to strangers. Do not invite strangers into your hotel room.

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