Travelling Overseas and COVID-19

Prior to travelling overseas Aussies need to check and be up to date with what is going on in the COVID-19 space.

Ask yourself the following questions-

  • What is my risk of COVID-19 disease? Have I had the recommended COVID vaccines?
    • Are you at higher risk based on your age, medications, concurrent medical problems or pregnancy?
    • Are you eligible for boosters? Should you have a booster prior to travel?
  • If I get COVID-19 overseas what does this mean for me and my close contacts?
  • If I get COVID-19 overseas does my travel insurance cover travel costs and health care that may be required?
  • What are the rules and regulations regarding COVID-19 stipulated by the Australian government, destination countries and airlines?

It is the traveller’s responsibility to find out

  • Are there requirements from the airline for travel?
  • Are there entry requirements from destination countries?
  • Are there any exit requirements when you leave Australia?
  • Are there entry requirements when you return to Australia?

Things have been changing and are still changing but check what is required – including declaration forms, evidence of vaccination/or exemption, and evidence of negative RAT/PCR before departure or on arrival. Forms are airline/country specific and are not generic.

Travellers should check multiple sources and get information from the:

  • Australian Government including Smartraveller, Department of Home Affairs
  • Airlines
  • Destination country embassy or destination country government
  • Travel Clinic

When packing your bag some important COVID-19 related items not to forget include-

  • International COVID-19 vaccine certificate, which provides a secure record of vaccination and meets international travel standards. Ensure you have several hard copies and a digital copy
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Face masks – P2/N95 are more effective than cloth/surgical masks
  • Rapid Antigen Tests
  • Extra supplies of usual medications

Travellers at high risk of severe disease may decide to take antiviral medications and a pulse oximeter.

If you test positive for COVID-19 overseas you must follow the local regulations regarding the length of isolation, requirements etc and if medical treatment is required ensure you contact your travel insurance company.

For more information, a great resource to look at can be found at

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